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Set Reminder+

For use with Taskpaper. Visual prompt to set reminders. Afterwards automatically creates reminder in iOS reminders app Requires Set Reminders Script by chew-z (look for my updates in the comments)

Selection to Fantastical

Sends the selection to Fantastical, converting TaskPaper @due(YYYY-MM-DD) tags to plain text for Fantastical to parse as a Reminder

Set Reminders

Scans taskpaper for tasks/projects with tags (@reminder, @due) and sets/updates alerts in iOS reminders. In 'Editorial' lists. Alerts could be relative (+hh:mm) [also just (+h:) or (+:mm) also (+:75)] or at set time (hh:mm). If it is past reminder hour script assumes alert supposed to be set for tomorrow. v 1.0 ToDo: - handle @done tag - skip or mark existing reminder as completed - Maybe @due should set reminder due date & @reminder set alert (now they both set alert and date interchangeable) - split regex - regex works fine for now but will get unreadable with time - split into few sequential tests - handle different Reminders calendars - now it is using calendar ID fixed in code - handle calendar dates not only time? (I never really use long term reminders) - sync both directions?


Creates a reminder in the iOS reminders app as well as setting an alert to sound for all task paper @alert tags in a document. Alert format is assumed to be: alert name @alert(yyyy-mm-dd, HH:MM)

New Client Leads (iPhone)

A workflow to collect New Client Leads in one place. The data will prepend to "New Clients.taskpaper" file on Dropbox, then send your contact details as text message to your new sales lead. Optionally, you can email the client with a summary of what was discussed, and `optionally` include your standard fee rates in the email. Set a date for next follow-up, and create a reminder in Due app. Clicking on "Contact next on" allows one to enter a specific day or date. Date format used is DD-MMM-YYYY Pre-requisites in Dropbox: 1. MyContact.txt (This will be sent as text SMS to client) 2. Rates.txt (This will be added to your greeting email, optionally) 3. Requirements list.txt (Quick Select the client's requirements from a preformatted pop-up) 4. New Clients.taskpaper (All data from the workflow will pre-pend to this file) Edit the content of the "If Email" action on the --> GO button to suit your needs. This Form is formatted for iPhone 5 screen size. *** Can anyone with knowledge of Python help me add the contact details collected in this workflow to Contacts address-book on my iPhone? ***


A UI to create a new reminder or event in Fantastical 2.

OF Fantastical reminder

Creates a reminder with the selected text in fantastical. Stores the editorial bookmark with selection in the notes field. Used with the import reminder option in omnifocus set to quickly create reminders for the omnifocus inbox. In omnifocus the notes field will get you back to the editorial document.

Md Fantastical reminder v2

Copies line text text to fantastical new event, calendar specified in variable, with link to doc stored in URL field.


Updated version of Due Remember. Added Fantastical option and x-callback for Due. Also removed Include Selected Range, which can be re-enabled under Get Bookmark URL action. Create reminder in Due or Fantastical to finish writing, editing (or whatever else), with link back to document in Editorial. Provides opportunity to add actual reminder text, so you can use both apps' natural language parsing to save time. Bookmark url will be appended to reminder text automatically. Also allows to simply copy bookmark URL.

Due Remember

Creates a bookmark for the document, and can include selected range, then allows you to set a reminder in Due to finish, edit, or do something with it (you can edit the reminder text as you like) that, when completing the reminder, will prompt you with the URL to open the document, or instead you can just copy the bookmark url and do as you like. When I have a lot of ongoing documents in progress, it's an easy way to remember where I was or something I wanted to do with it. Was going to include Fantastical, since I do use it on my iPad, but with an upcoming iPad app, and it being a separate app (I think that means a separate url scheme, I don't know) I decided to wait. So I'll add Fantastical when that time comes, or you can yourself.

Selection to Fantastical

Sends the selection to Fantastical, converting TaskPaper @due(YYYY-MM-DD) tags to plain text for Fantastical to parse as a Reminder