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This workflow contains at least one Python script. Only use it if you trust the person who shared this with you, and if you know exactly what it does.

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This is a workflow for Editorial, a Markdown and plain text editor for iOS. To download it, you need to view this page on a device that has the app installed.

Description: Follows Sidekick dice specification format, but only supports items needed for Open Legend -- no modifiers, exploding dice, keeping high or low rolls pre-explosion.

Shared by: Roll Dice (Open Legend)

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#coding: utf-8
import workflow
import re
import random

rollstring = workflow.get_input()

def zero_width_split(pattern, string):
    Split a string on a regex that only matches zero-width strings
    :param pattern: Regex pattern that matches zero-width strings
    :param string: String to split on.
    :return: Split array
    splits = list((m.start(), m.end()) for m in re.finditer(pattern, string, re.VERBOSE))
    starts = [0] + [i[1] for i in splits]
    ends = [i[0] for i in splits] + [len(string)]
    return [string[start:end] for start, end in zip(starts, ends)]
def roll_group(group):
    Rolls a group of dice in 2d6, 3d10, d12, etc. format
    :param group: String of dice group
    :return: Array of results
    group = re.match(r'^(\d*)d(\d+)$', group, re.IGNORECASE).groups()
    num_of_dice = int(group[0]) if group[1] != '' else 1
    type_of_dice = int(group[1])
    assert num_of_dice > 0

    result = []
    for i in range(num_of_dice):
        result.append(random.randint(1, type_of_dice))
    return result

rollparse = re.sub(r'(?<=d)%', '100', rollstring, re.IGNORECASE)
rollparse = rollparse.replace('^', '**')
rollgroups = zero_width_split(r'((?<=[\(\),%^\/+*-])(?=.))|((?<=.)(?=[\(\),%^\/+*-]))', rollparse)  # Split the string on the boundary between operators and other chars

rollResults = []
rollTotal = 0

for group in rollgroups:
    if (re.match(r'\d+d\d+', group)): # Only roll numeric
        exploding = re.match(r'\d*d\d+!', group, re.IGNORECASE)
        keeping = re.match(r'^((?:\d*)d\d+!?)([Hh])(\d*)$', group, re.IGNORECASE)
        dropping = re.match(r'^((?:\d*)d\d+!?)([Ll])(\d*)$', group, re.IGNORECASE)
        coreRoll = re.match(r'^(\d*d\d+)', group).group(0)
        rolls = roll_group(coreRoll)
        if keeping:
            keepCount = int(re.split(r'[Hh]', group)[1])
            keepIndexPoint = len(rolls) - keepCount
            sortedRolls = sorted(rolls)
            rolls = sortedRolls[keepIndexPoint:]

        if dropping:
            dropCount = int(re.split(r'[Ll]', group)[1])
            dropIndexPoint = len(rolls) - dropCount
            sortedRolls = sorted(rolls)
            rolls = sortedRolls[:dropCount]                        
        if exploding:
            groupMax = re.match(r'\d+d(\d+)', group, re.IGNORECASE).group(1)
            addedRolls = []
            for roll in rolls:
            	    if (int(roll) == int(groupMax)):
            	        while 1 == 1:
            	            newRollString = "1d" + str(groupMax)
            	            newRoll = roll_group(newRollString)
            	            if (int(newRoll[0]) < int(groupMax)):
            rolls = rolls + addedRolls
        rollTotal = rollTotal + sum(rolls)
action_out = " -- " + str(rollTotal) + " -- " + str(rollResults)
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