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This is a workflow for Editorial, a Markdown and plain text editor for iOS. To download it, you need to view this page on a device that has the app installed.

Description: Brings up action sheet to tweet selected content. If selection is longer than 140 characters, it is broken up into multiple, appropriately sized smaller tweets. Each tweet includes a tweet counter to indicate to followers that it is part of a series of tweets.

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Source Code
# Andrew Clark
# @acdlite

#coding: utf-8
import re
import workflow

# Functions
def split_tweets(content, placeholder='x'):
   tweets = []
   c = content
   while len(c) > 0:
       tweet_number = " ({0}/{1})".format(len(tweets)+1, placeholder)
       force_suffix = False

       if len(c) <= 140-len(tweet_number):
           suffix = tweet_number
           force_suffix = True
           suffix = u'\u2026' + tweet_number 

       if len(tweets) == 0:
           t, l = smart_truncate(c, 140, suffix)
           t, l = smart_truncate(c, 139, suffix, force_suffix)
           tweets.append(u'\u2026' + t.lstrip())

       c = c[l:].rstrip()
   return tweets

def smart_truncate(content, length=100, suffix='...', force_suffix=False):
   if  len(content) <= length and not force_suffix:
       return (content, len(content))
   elif len(content) <= length-len(suffix) and force_suffix:
       return (content + suffix, len(content))
       c = ' '.join(content[:length-len(suffix)].split(' ')[0:-1])
       return (c + suffix, len(c))

# Body

action_in = workflow.get_input()

tweets = []
placeholder = 'x' # Used in body of tweet; will be replaced with total number of tweets
cont = True

while cont:
   tweets = split_tweets(action_in, placeholder)
   # If the number of digits in total number of tweets exceeds length of placeholder
   # try again with incremented placeholder length
   cont = len(str(abs(len(tweets)))) > len(placeholder)
   if cont:
       placeholder = ''.join(['x' for i in range(len(placeholder)+1)])
# Replace placeholder with total number of tweets
reg = re.compile("{0}\)$".format(placeholder))
tweets = [reg.sub("{0})".format(len(tweets)), t) for t in tweets]

#TODO: Generate the output...
action_out = '{tweet}' + '\n{tweet}'.join(tweets)

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