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Staff Picks

Open in...

Shows the "Open in..." menu for the current document.

Get App Price

Queries the iTunes Store API to search for an app's name, returns formatted name and price (in USD) in a popover. The workflow can optionally create an affiliate link if affiliate information is provided in two variables at the top. More information on affiliate links and iTunes Search API: http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/ http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentation/itunes-store-web-service-search-api.html#searching

Preserve Line Breaks

Preserve Line Breaks was inspired by Brett Terpstra's Mac Service of the same name. To preserve a line break in iOS, markdown syntax requires that you type three spaces. But in iOS, typing two spaces generates a period, which drives me nuts. This workflow takes the text of a document, adds three spaces to the end of each line as required by Markdown, and the replaces the original text with the proper Markdown syntax.


Select the word closest to the caret, lookup this word in Terminology app, and return < Back to the selection in Editorial.

Change MD Ref Mark

Workflow to rename Markdown link reference markers. Displays a list of all reference style Markdown references. After selecting a marker, enter the new marker name Note: the marker list search is a little lazy. Fixed a dumb mistake. Now shows all marks reference marks. ::: Made by Macdrifter.com ::: Version 1.1


Recently Added

Modular Python

It's finally here! A workflow I have been wanting for a long time! This awesome workflow uses a Custom Action that allows you to execute python code stored in multiple "Set Variable" actions. This means you can script in python, right inside of a variable and execute it, without having to use the code editor. This allows you to program modularly. This also means you can store multiple variables inside of one variable! Many derivative workflows to come!

Execute Python Expression

This workflow uses a Custom Action to execute any python expression declared in any variable elsewhere in the workflow. A spinoff of this will be a workflow that allows you to store multiple variables in one variable. An example is included. Tweak to your liking.

Multi Python

This very useful Workflow uses a Custom Action to allow you to run several independent python scripts as one python script. One issue I am seeing is that Editorial exports parameters alphabetically, and not in the order they appear. Also, the order in which the various functions are called determine whether other functions get called at all. Calling a console alert before a UI sheet presentation, will never display the UI. If anyone has a fix, please comment. Example scripts are included by default

Post to 10C via Chimp

Sends the content of the current file to 10Centuries using the Chimp app.

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