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Staff Picks

Visual Find & Replace

This workflow uses the UI module to allow you to do a find & replace throughout your selected text or the entire document if no text is selected. The UI was designed to work on both the iPhone and the iPad. Options include: * Text or Regular Expression * Case-sensitive searches * Preview panel to make sure you're replacing what you want to replace (especially helpful for regex). This was adapted from the built-in Diff with Clipboard workflow. If you have any suggestions, find any bugs, or want to see my other workflows for Editorial, please visit http://sweetnessoffreedom.wordpress.com/projects

Editorial Backup

Saves or restores a backup of all Editorial workflows, snippets, bookmarks, and local documents as a zip file in Dropbox (this requires the Dropbox account to be linked). Please note: If you want to restore a backup on a different device, you first have to download the backup file (just tap on it in the document list). This is required because Editorial doesn't sync zip files by default. Restoring a backup will *overwrite* all existing workflows, snippets, and bookmarks, so it's possible that you'll lose data this way. The best way to avoid any data loss is to create a backup before restoring anything.

Open in...

Shows the "Open in..." menu for the current document.

Get App Price

Queries the iTunes Store API to search for an app's name, returns formatted name and price (in USD) in a popover. The workflow can optionally create an affiliate link if affiliate information is provided in two variables at the top. More information on affiliate links and iTunes Search API: http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/ http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentation/itunes-store-web-service-search-api.html#searching

Preserve Line Breaks

Preserve Line Breaks was inspired by Brett Terpstra's Mac Service of the same name. To preserve a line break in iOS, markdown syntax requires that you type three spaces. But in iOS, typing two spaces generates a period, which drives me nuts. This workflow takes the text of a document, adds three spaces to the end of each line as required by Markdown, and the replaces the original text with the proper Markdown syntax.


Recently Added

URL to Markdown Link

This action makes a link in Markdown from a selected URL. The link’s text is the Title of the page fetched from the URL. For example: http://dobyfriday.com Becomes: [Do By Friday](http://dobyfriday.com)

View Not Done

Show only TaskPaper tasks that are not marked Done.

List URLs...

Shows a list of URLs in the current document. Selecting one of the URLs opens it in the browser panel.

New OmniFocus Project

This Workflow accepts TaskPaper text with «placeholder» tokens and prompts for you to enter final values, then creates a project in OmniFocus 2.14 for iOS using those tokens. For example, given this input: - «project_name» @parallel(false) @due(«due») - This task needs to be done at least 1 week before «project_name» is due @due(«due» -1w) - This task needs to be done at least 2 days before «project_name» is due @due(«due» -2d) You'll be prompted to enter values for «project_name» and «due». If you enter "Phonewave 1.2" and "next Thursday", it will create a new "Phonewave 1.2" project in OmniFocus that is due next Thursday, and has two tasks already filled with due dates of this Thursday and next Tuesday.


Shows the iOS share sheet with the selected text as input. If nothing is selected, the entire document is shared. In a Markdown document, the text can optionally be converted to HTML first.

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